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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Earth Song.


I’ve been enjoying the apocalyptic selfy earth-pain of this forgotten Michael classic… it came on the radio recently, which brought it back to mind.  You can dance it pretty easily, and the video is a kind of pleasing exaggerated train-wreck dirge-dance.

What Is Written in the Stars.


We’ve had a cold spell recently, and it’s been below zero every night.  During the work-week I experience the cold rather fully: not only because I work a great deal outdoors, but because with my small stove my house is cold when I am away.  I came back from the city late Monday night, and […]

Rotting Hemlock.


Talk About Damning With Faint Praise


“The best written musical autobiography since Bob Dylan’s Chronicles.” – The Telegraph describing Morrissey’s Autobiography.

Maple Sugaring.


A piece I wrote for the Catskill Native Plant Society.



This morning I woke to the sound of large machinery.  I was surprised: it had started snowing last night and a full-on blizzard was expected.  I got up and looked out the window: there was an excavator trying to turn around on my driveway.  The snow was melting, too, which surprised me, and there were […]

Living Latin in NYC.


I’ll be teaching this weekend at the Paideia Institute’s Living Latin in New York event.

One Year Later.


Thinking of David Morgan today.



As I started my fire yesterday, my eyes paused on the paper I was about to stuff into the stove: the envelope of a friend’s Christmas card.  He had died shortly after Christmas.  I thought for a moment: that hand, just weeks ago, could write me a card and send it in the mail; and […]

T.E. Lawrence and His Editors.


There was something truly strange and self-defeating and remarkable about T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia fame). Like many artists his relation to fame seems to have resembled his relationship to himself: he hated it, despised it, and was also fascinated by it and could not quite give up his quest to possess it on some kind […]