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A Tale of Home Birth, Part 3 (of 3).


And now our children were safely born, we looked around us. The midwives were cleaning up. The children’s water had not broken until they were being delivered, and for our daughter that meant right on the bed. The amniotic fluid was mixed with blood and formed a pool in the center of the bed where […]

Home Birth, Part 2.


[Part 1 of this is here.  A third part is here.] It was a cold night, one of the few cold nights we’ve had this winter, and the house needed to be very warm for the birth. I opened all the vents on the stove in the living room, threw some logs into it, and […]

The View From Our Window.


Scio, Ohio.

Home Birth, Part 1.


[This was originally begun January 10th, but it took ten days of editing and tinkering for me to finally cut the whole essay in half and post this first half.  The other will follow shortly. [it is here]] I’m disregarding, as I write this, the good advice all new parents disregard. Like most wise counsel […]

Amish Funeral.


The latter half of Christmas morning I spent at a funeral. One of the Amish families had just lost their two-week-old baby. The family lived nearby – I had already met the child’s great-uncle – and I knew another family we knew here would be there. But there was another reason I wanted to go. […]

In Amish Country.


I must say it is very striking to be living in a place where bearded men seated on buggies drive horses by at all hours of the day and night. We are now situated in one of the Amish districts of Ohio, the state which, in fact, has more Amish people than any other state. […]



Back on the Road in America.


Catherine and I set off yesterday for Ohio, in preparation for the birth of our first child. Catherine wants to do a home birth, but for that a home a bit more spacious and commodious than our cabin seems desirable, and in the end we decided on Ohio, where her family is. And specifically, we […]

Campaigning for Obama in Ohio.


For a long time I was not sure if I would campaign for Obama this year. I was fairly complacent about the election; Romney was, I thought, a terrible candidate, and the Republicans had no ideas beyond giving further government assistance to an utterly unworthy investor class, which I felt could hardly be a winner […]

Just Being Part of It.


Walking around in some of the black neighborhoods of Cleveland I find myself thinking of this Crowded House song: I’m not lying – Or asking for anything – I just want to be there. Doing this kind of work – knocking on doors, most of which don’t get answered – you don’t feel terribly important. […]