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The Latin Speakers of West Virginia.


I have some trepidation about putting this piece up online, because I have worked hard on it, over a period of years, and Rusticatio has in that time become a large part of my life, and I’ve wanted to do it some justice in print.  Sitting on it for years meant that I could just […]

Congratulations to Councilmen Greg Vurckio and Kevin Smith.


The election results are in.  Greg Vurckio was endorsed by both the Republican and Democratic parties, and won election easily.  It was mostly a contest between myself and Kevin Smith.  The vote: Kevin Smith 117 John Kuhner 87 Congratulations to Kevin and Greg, and a thank you to all the Councilmen – I’ve seen up […]

Response to the Seriously Concerned.


While going around door-to-door yesterday evening an older gentleman said to me, “You’re John Kuhner? I’m voting for you for sure.” He went on to explain that “some woman I never saw before” was at the Town Dump passing out leaflets “saying you were a communist or something like that and when I saw all […]



Campaign Fun.


A friend has been making up fun campaign posters using old pictures.  This from my teaching days: More on native plants in the Catskills and in the town of Denning here.

Postcard to Voters.


Letter to Denning Voters.


Dear Neighbor, My name is John Kuhner, and I’m asking for your vote for Denning Town Council. I’ve lived here for five years – long enough to convince me that Denning is my home and I want to do my part for the town by serving on the town council. I may be a bit […]

Campaign for Town Council.


On Friday, September 13th I got the Democratic Party Nomination for a seat on the Denning Town Council.  Page with links here.

A Political Campaign.


This year, I am the Democratic Candidate for Town Council in the Town of Denning (my township).  The caucus was this past Friday, and I was nominated and accepted as candidate.  I will be the only registered Democrat on the ballot for any town position, and the chances of a Democrat winning are not good. […]

Campaigning for Obama in Ohio.


For a long time I was not sure if I would campaign for Obama this year. I was fairly complacent about the election; Romney was, I thought, a terrible candidate, and the Republicans had no ideas beyond giving further government assistance to an utterly unworthy investor class, which I felt could hardly be a winner […]