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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Odd Meandering of the Word “Religion.”

29-Jan-12 Language changes, and words take on new meanings in time, but this is an example of a meaning-shift a bit bewildering to me.  I’ve seen it enough so I should be fine with it; but the word “religion” is being used to mean “everything I dislike about religion” or “bad religion.”  Here in this […]

Latin-teaching Blogging.


Since I’m back in the classroom, I’m going to put up a few pieces about the nuts and bolts of Latin teaching, as I go through various topics through the school year.  “Write what you know.”

Selling Toxic Bird Seed.


This is a real pleasant item from corporate America: On the same week Scotts Miracle Gro tried to buy an image upgrade by sponsoring the National Wildlife Federation, word has come out of a federal court that the company will pay millions of dollars in fines for selling bird seed it knew was tainted with pesticides […]

This Just Doesn’t Stop.


The headmaster of the Delbarton School has been accused of sexual misconduct with the school’s boys.  There are multiple accusers.  The (former) headmaster, Fr. Luke Travers, is a Benedictine monk and was headmaster of the school while I was there.  He was slightly creepy, but it is only fair to say that a large percentage […]

Trying to Keep a Straight Face.


Some classic Greenwald cynicism: UPDATE: White House spokesman Jay Carney previewed President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight as follows: “The State of the Union will be . . .  about the central mission that we have as a country and his focus as president: Building a country and an economy where we reward […]

The 3:10 To Yuma.


I saw the Western The 3:10 To Yuma at the Fox Theater in downtown Tucson last night.  The movie was good, though the “suspension of disbelief” requirements were a little high for me: the plot revolves around getting a notorious desperado onto a train to be hanged in Yuma.  A fairly large number of people die […]

Blessing of New Parents.


This is from the “never saw that before” department: while at mass at San Augustin cathedral in Tucson, I was going up to communion behind a couple with a newborn infant.  They were very cute: they were supposed to go up to communion in single file, but walked up half side-by-side as if unable to […]

At Home in Tucson.


White Sands.


Near Alamogordo.  Oh my God.  Astonishing.

Route 66.