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Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Problem With Men.


A very nice piece by Roy Baumeister on gender differences and the oppression of patriarchy.  It is consistently insightful and is a good explanation of a lot of male behavior (for women who don’t understand men or men who don’t understand themselves). It relates to the Atlantic piece “The End of Men” from last year, […]

Empiricism and Fundamentalism.


A must-read piece from Andrew Sullivan on fundamentalism and reason in religion.  He does things like re-translate the beginning of John’s Gospel – “In the beginning was reason. And reason was with God. And reason was God.” – which is a completely acceptable translation.  The word usually translated “word”, logos, means much more than that and is […]

First Bear Visit.


April and May are tricky times for composting in this area, because the bears are rummaging around and are extremely hungry.  Wise folk are putting away their bird feeders, which turn into bear feeders around now.  When I read about bears hanging out outside people’s homes all day, until the police come and shoot them […]

Don’t Give Up.


Fifteen days after I sowed my lettuce, I gave up on it: the seed was two years old, and I figured it was no longer viable.  The package said it would germinate in 7-10 days.  But it just started coming up.  And everything else is happening too – spring beauties in bloom, trout lilies up, […]

The Benefits of Getting Up Early.


The Rondout Reservoir in the morning.

Catskill “Spring.”


Catskill Roadkill Mink.


Saw this little mink along the road in the Bone Hollow area of the Rondout Valley.  We thought it might be a baby beaver – this was right next to a lake with a beaver lodge – and got out to take a look.  It was a mink.  My coworker was surprised they were around […]



One of the essays I wrote for the Staten Island book not included in the printed edition.  And appropriate for the month of April – when we have gorgeous days like today, it is enough for me. The edition of the Staten Island book is very nearly sold out.  Now is the time to order […]

First Gardening.


I had quite a few lettuce seeds left over from last year, so I sowed a bunch of them as soon as the snow was off the vegetable beds.  We’ll see if they germinate – nothing to lose, I suppose.

The Crazy Ingenuity of Mice.


I had not had any problems with mice in the cabin – a few times mice got in, but they left quickly, for whatever reason – but this winter I was absent most of the time and had left food behind me.  I found the telltale droppings on the counter – it’s always the counter, […]