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Monthly Archives: March 2013

From the ‘Great Advice From Editors’ Department…


Charles Darwin, finally approaching a publisher with his Origin of Species: Publisher John Murray, fearing a financial fiasco, had balked at the 500-page manuscript, and initially asked that Darwin cut it down and focus the work on pigeons because “everybody is interested in pigeons.” From Archaeology magazine.  So good I hope it’s true.

Saint Augustine and Religious Empiricism.


There was a little bit of Facebook hullabaloo over this Tuesday’s march against gay marriage in D.C., which is being promoted by Catholic bishops.  As usual, the bishops going out of their way to prevent non-Catholics from getting things like hospital visitation rights is a good indicator of the general fact that if you want […]



I’ve been going through a period of being enchanted by life, and correspondingly disenchanted with the internet.  Even my emails have gotten short, which is unusual for a person who produces words by the thousand. I’ve been working on my larger writing projects.  In fact it’s been a blessed time here, as the longer days […]

The Felis Absconditus.


More bobcat visits.  Three nights ago it was particularly outrageous.  Because the night before I saw tracks which went back and forth in front of my house which were laid down between 8 p.m. and midnight, the following night I made it a point to shine a flashlight into the night every fifteen minutes.  At […]

The Elusive Friend.


For most of this winter my cabin has been surrounded, continually, by the tracks of a four-footed carnivore – whom I have yet to see in the flesh.  He criss-crosses the property, sometimes crossing my lawn multiple times per night.  I have seen his tracks go under my extension and through the middle of my […]



I went to a “puppy party” on Sunday with the breeder of “Mombaccus Icelandics.”  Follow the link if you want to see some utterly adorable puppies.  This kind of stuff – just playing with the puppies, having them bite your fingers, having them fall asleep in your lap – I have to say, does make […]

Vodou Pilgrimage.


One of my Wildcat Mountain neighbors, Les Stone,  just won an award for photography for his photos of Voodoo practices in Haiti.  It’s pretty amazing work: follow the links for some of the photos (more on his site than on the award site).  The more I know about my neighbors up here, the more I’m […]