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Racism, Wimbledon, Sexuality


I read this morning the New York Times’ piece on women’s body image which has stirred up some controversy – how Serena Williams physique is excellent for tennis, but certain professional tennis players or their coaches were quoted saying they didn’t want such a body, because it made them seem or feel less feminine and […]

Scholarly Orthodoxy.


I found this on Andrew Sullivan’s blog today, and thought it was worth commenting on: The truths of this book that only the neurotic or defensive Christian will deny are the following: Jesus was not the only first-century figure who was deemed to have a virgin birth, martyrdom and resurrection. In fact, these were quite […]

A Christian Pope!


Almost everything in life that you’re supposed to do is obvious – I think most people can look back on only four or five serious decisions in their life (which haunt us forever, of course) when we really do not know what the right thing to do is.  But it is so unusual, so horribly […]

Faymiyun, the Holy Man of Arabia.


This is the story of Christianity in ancient Najran, in Yemen, as found in Ibn Ishaq’s Life of the Messenger of Allah.  I quote almost the entirety of it in the above essay, so I figured I would put it up in its original form, as it does not appear to be easily available online […]

Fathers, Sons, Punishment, Forgiveness, Christianity and Islam.


I was born Catholic, and I remain so, but I do not believe I became a real Christian until four years ago, when I had what we may as well call my conversion. It happened as follows. Some young men have difficulty measuring up to their fathers. My brother and I have had something of […]

Sigh. Christians.


Andrew Sullivan has been thinking about Christianity lately – what’s happening to it on a large scale.  I don’t think he’s doing a great job expressing himself on this topic, and I think he is aware of this.  I think he’s fighting the good fight, but something about it is daunting and indeed depressing. For […]

The Odd Meandering of the Word “Religion.”

29-Jan-12 Language changes, and words take on new meanings in time, but this is an example of a meaning-shift a bit bewildering to me.  I’ve seen it enough so I should be fine with it; but the word “religion” is being used to mean “everything I dislike about religion” or “bad religion.”  Here in this […]

Bertrand Russell’s Atheist Essays.


There is a fine little collection of essays about atheism by Bertrand Russell, entitled Why I Am Not A Christian, which I read on subway rides about the city the past week.  It is light reading, and his mature essays are in a lucid style which offers no difficulties (some of his earlier essays, such […]

Of Gods and Men.


I saw the movie Of Gods and Men two nights ago at the excellent little art-house movie theater in Kew Gardens.  The movie was not perfect – poorly paced, occasionally indulgent, not quite as intelligent as it might have been – but it was very good, and it affected me.  It depicted the monastic life beautifully […]

Bibles and Evangelicals.


I’ve written recently about the need to destroy Biblical literalism; and here is an obituary of one minister who worked on precisely this.  The reporting appears to be unaware of the actual issues involved, but Gomes’ words themselves are salutary: “The Bible alone is the most dangerous thing I can think of,” he told The […]