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This probably says a bit too much too quickly for those who don’t speak this language, but the following set of paragraphs impressed me as deeply true: In his book, Myths, Gods, Heroes, and Saviors, Leonard Baillas writes, “The supreme achievement of the self is to find an insight that connects together the events, dreams, […]

Cheryl Strayed’s Initiation.


I think it is entirely to Cheryl Strayed’s credit as a writer and as a human being that she can write a book which one reviewer – admittedly, not a very observant one – can reduce to the question “What do you have to say now, God?” while I find it religious in outlook and […]

Christian Teaching on Insult, Blasphemy, Etc.


The Pope has weighed in on the Charlie Hebdo killings, and he falls into the “Well, I don’t like murder normally, but…” camp: The Holy Father spoke to journalists in a broad interview on the papal flight to the Philippines about the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the controversy about the magazine’s new cover this week. […]

On the Feast of Stephen.


My bike trip this past spring brought me through Nauvoo, Illinois, a Mormon town. It is a tourist town, and a pleasant place, with the prosperity and wholesomeness once thought proper to all rural America but now almost the exclusive property of the Mormons. The lawns are crisply mowed, families walk blithely down the streets […]

On Anger.


A friend who is going through some difficulties told me that she was outside her house recently, sitting in her car, and she realized she had been angry for a long time: and all of a sudden that she was not angry anymore: it was all dissolving, and it was just turning to sadness – […]

Talk at NYU.


I’ll be speaking this Wednesday, November 20th at NYU on the topic Religion, Spirituality, and Healing.  I was on a similar panel last year and the students liked what I had to say, so now I’m one of the presenters. 9:30 a.m. to noon or thereabouts.  Silver Hall, 31 Washington Place, room 414.



Everything godlike is weak and defenseless.

The Effect of Nature on the Mind.


Andrew Sullivan quotes a University Bookman piece which quotes a lecture by Santayana on the effect that nature as – or can have, if we let it in – on the American mind.  When you are in nature: Everywhere is beauty and nowhere permanence, everywhere an incipient harmony, nowhere an intention, nor a responsibility, nor […]

Maybe The Spiritual Life Is All About Having a Healthy Vagus Nerve.


The Atlantic seems to have discovered that we moderns have an insatiable appetite for anything plausibly scientific on the topic of love and marriage (or our lack thereof), and out comes another article, centering on the neurological experience of love.  Despite the attempt to headline this article with “there’s no such thing as everlasting love” […]

Marie-Louise von Franz, Jung, Death.


I had the sudden conviction that I should finally more fully explore the writings of Marie-Louise von Franz, a second-generation Jungian whose writings I have been impressed by in the past.  I am in general always partial to people who have some kind of redemptive salvific Messianic purpose in their work: ‘Like all of us, […]