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Falcons with Human Breasts.


Spotted walking down the Via Giulia today in Rome: a pair of falcons with human breasts, sitting atop pilasters on the Palazzo Falconieri.  Apparently this oddity is the work of the ever-odd Borromini.  Borromini has never been a favorite of mine, and this is no favorite of mine either, but its weirdness is noticeable.  One […]

Will Rome Still Be Rome?


We expected trouble when we boarded the plane with our four-month-old twins. It was their first flight, a nine-hour transatlantic redeye to Rome. It seemed so obvious that it would be a miserable trip that my boss had given us a travel gift: a pair of talismans with a glass depiction of an eye, to […]

The View From My Window.


It’s been 8 years since I was last in Europe; time for a revisit.  This summer we are spending in Rome, working for the Paideia Institute, and toting around our two five-month-olds.  Rome is a city I know well, and it’s full of ghosts; some are mine, and some belong to us all.

The Richness of Human Life.


Two fifth grade students finished their tests later than the rest of the class and as a result their tests ended up in a different pile from everyone else’s, and when I got to grading them I figured I would skip the scantron – it was only two tests – and grade them by hand. […]

Our Lady of Loreto in Brooklyn.


Having some friends in the Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn, I have driven Atlantic Avenue fairly often, the road which connects that part of Brooklyn with Richmond Hill in Queens.  One day there was some work being done on the road, and I was detoured onto the streets of East New York, where I drove […]