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New Law From Big Brother: No Plebeians In Parks on Warm Summer Nights.


In New York City this past weekend, I was at a Canada Day barbecue in Cooper Park yesterday which ended perfectly… a cop car drove onto one of the park paths and stopped a hundred feet from us so the cops could watch the thirty-odd people having a picnic.  After ten minutes of being watched […]

Law 2, Mind 0.


The landscaping crew gets a four-day weekend this weekend, and after a particularly grueling four days – we planted a tremendous number of plants – I stopped off at the supermarket on my way home.  I wanted to buy some beer.  Of course, I was asked for I.D.  Being thirty-five and sporting the gray hairs […]

Christopher Hitchens, Religions, and Life Without God.


I’ve been impressed recently by the intelligence, articulateness, and unapologetically rakish character of Christopher Hitchens, and curiosity about and respect for the man prompted me to take a look at the fashionable atheist books of the day, beginning with his God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.  As is always the case with modern […]

Abraham, Our Father in Faith.


In the endless self-repeating Flows for ever more the Same; Myriad arches, springing, meeting, Hold at rest the mighty Frame; Streams from all things love of living, Grandest star and humblest clod; All the straining, all the striving, Is eternal rest in God. – GOETHE In any good religion, there should be something utterly unpalatable, […]

Jung on the Law versus Grace.


I was struck by the diocese of New York removing from the Easter Vigil the reading of Abraham sacrificing Isaac; presumably because the story scandalizes nice good people who want religion to look hunky-dory and sweet.  But obviously, if God cannot work through horror and crime and sin and cruelty then He can’t be terribly […]

Oh My… Stone Shamu???


Memory cannot really handle just how crazy the American Family Association – a huge organization, by the way, with 200 radio stations and all kinds of clout – really is.  You need to be reminded again and again.  One of their writers, Bryan Fischer, accused Seaworld of negligence by keeping a killer whale with a […]

Still an abuse of the law.


Attempts to make law enforcement a business just create stupidity, petty regulation, law for law’s sake, and injustice.  Even if it’s petty injustice.

Those Who Live By the Law…


The man in the photo with the Leviticus quotation tattooed on his arm, who clearly sees it as a justification for violence against gays, got some great treatment from a pastor who reads Andrew Sullivan’s blog: Too bad the guy with the passage from Leviticus tattooed on his arm didn’t read the next chapter: “You […]

The Conservative Side of the Church.


      I was speaking with my mother about the most recent Church problems, when she referred to Benedict XVI as “your pope,” i.e. my pope, a pope of the more conservative Catholics, and the younger Catholics.  And there is no doubt that I was happy on the day Benedict was elected.  I watched the news […]