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For Trinh Huynh, A Good Friend.


We live in an unusually violent country, and death by firearms shows up in all of our actuarial tables as a relatively common way to die, so it stands to reason that as you go through life you will eventually have friends who get murdered. And my friend Trinh Huynh became one of them. As […]

Nancy Llewellyn’s Eulogy for David Morgan.


The eulogy for David Morgan delivered by Nancy Llewellyn at his funeral on Saturday. I met David in 1995 when we were both just getting started in the peculiar and often delightful academic microclimate that I have come to call the Latinosphere, that is, the global community of classical enthusiasts who cultivate Latin by speaking […]

In Paradisum David Morgan.


There is not much that can be done in the face of our certain mortality. Two nights ago I heard from friends that David Morgan, professor of French Literature at Furman University and for several years one of the teachers at Rusticatio Virginiana, lay on his deathbed and had probably only hours to live. I […]

Virginia Brown.


A really lovely tribute to a lady and a scholar, by her husband.  Her story is as remarkable as she was: She had grown up in Lake Providence, Louisiana, a small town in the northeast of the state near the Arkansas border, in what was and still is the poorest county in the United States. […]